Part 2: Theology of the Book of the Twelve and Daniel, a Thematic Approach

day of the LordBy Billy Doolittle

The day of the Lord appears as a thick darkness that covers the whole land with no sun and no moon (Amos 5:18), as famine and thirst (Amos 8:9), as the Lord splitting the earth and melting the hills (Hab 3:16), and the day will be bitter and mighty men will cry, a unique day in which the sun will not shine nor will it be dark, and it will not be cold or hot, but it will only be known to the Lord (Zech 14:6).  The day will be filled with anguish, distress, ruin, devastation, gloom, and then the trumpets will blast, and a battle with presume (Zeph 1:14-15). The day will be full of devastation and a day will contain punishment against all those who did evil in the land and those oppressed Israel.   Continue reading “Part 2: Theology of the Book of the Twelve and Daniel, a Thematic Approach”

Part 1: Theology of the Book of the Twelve and Daniel, a Thematic Approach

By Billy Doolittle

Biblical theology.jpgThe Lord exists as a faithful king over an eternal kingdom despite the sin of idolatry of the people is the bond that seals the minor prophets and Daniel together. The detailed punishments the Lord threatens and executes on the people and the foreign powers serve as the mode that pushes the people towards repentance. The Lord describes making a faithful remnant to triumph over all the surrounding nations in and around Jerusalem binds these thirteens books in content. The Lord will have just judgement on the people of Israel due to their unfaithfulness. This punishment the Lord will bear on them will bring the people to repentance and their restoration as a ruling nation which will bless all other nations. Each of the prophets give an interesting glimpse of what is to come through pictorial descriptions found therein of desolation and prosperity for the people of Israel and their foes. Continue reading “Part 1: Theology of the Book of the Twelve and Daniel, a Thematic Approach”

Ketib/Qere in Ruth 1:8

By Billy Doolittle

Ketiv Qere

Within the beginning of chapter of Ruth, there seemingly exists a textual variant written within the margin just outside of Ruth 1:8. This written phenomenon occurs anywhere from 848 to 1566 times in the Hebrew Bible varying between traditions. The scribes from antiquity and modernity supplemented the words from the margin in the place of the similar word within the lines. This became known as Ketib/Qere. Ketib is the Hebrew word for “write” or “what is written” and Qere is the Hebrew word meaning “read” or “what is read.” Scribes then, when reading the text to their congregations, would supplement the qere from the margin in the place of ketib in the line.

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Another Hope: The Lasting Legacy of R.C. Sproul

By: Cade Campbell

Sproul2Two things happened this week.

The pastor, author, and founder of Ligonier Ministries, R.C. Sproul, died on December 14, 2017. And Stars Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi opened in theaters the next day.

As is true for so many pastors, Sproul’s ministry was significant for my own Christian discipleship, calling to ministry, and theological convictions. To this day, reading Sproul’s purple-blue paperback Chosen by God is one of the most formative events of my life. His clarity of teaching combined with his uncompromising stand on theological truths like biblical inerrancy, justification by faith alone, and the holiness of God have been used by God to solidify the ministries of bible-believing Protestants of all types – reformed and non-reformed alike. He was a giant.
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When Our Savior Snarled: Living in the Death of Death

By Cade Campbell

Snarling King (African Lion, Masai Mara, Kenya)

On Sunday morning, November 5, the Holcombe family in Sutherland Springs, Texas did what they always did on a Sunday morning; they went to church. As they made their way to the morning service, everything about that Sunday seemed like all the other ordinary Sunday mornings that had come before.

But it wasn’t an ordinary Sunday. The Holcombe family was going to church for the last time. During the Sunday morning service, nine members of their Continue reading “When Our Savior Snarled: Living in the Death of Death”