Fathers, Parenting, and Remembering the Faithfulness of God


Isaiah 37-39 tells of the Lord’s salvation for Judah, the southern kingdom in one of its darkest hours. Jerusalem, the capital city, is surrounded by Assyrian (Modern day Iraq) forces. Weakened by siege, famine, and lacking troops, the city of God seems destined to become another trophy of Assyrian might. But a defeat of Jerusalem would not only be a trophy for the king of Assyria, Sennacherib, but the Lord of Israel would be seen as a weaker deity in comparison to the gods powering the war machine of the armies of the global Assyrian empire.

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Cat-A-What? Children’s Church Meets Catechism

Cat-a-What_Last week in Kid’s Worship I promised to give the kids a word which would impress their parents and I did not disappoint.

Catechism. /ˈkadəˌkizəm/

The word “catechism” descends from the ancient Greek and Roman languages but gained a particular Christian meaning through church history to the present day. Catechism describes the ancient practice of teaching and instruction through the simple form of question and answer. Christians for generations have been distilling the essentials of the faith into this form in order to summarize the Christian faith and memorize through repetition. We have inherited some great catechisms from our ancestors in the faith, such as the Heidelberg Catechism and the Westminster shorter and larger Catechism.

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