The Church and Generation Z

In the Spring of 2020, Seth York taught a class at Buck Run Baptist Church on The Church and Generation Z. Buck Run recorded six helpful videos and they are available below.

Cat-A-What? Children’s Church Meets Catechism

Cat-a-What_Last week in Kid’s Worship I promised to give the kids a word which would impress their parents and I did not disappoint.

Catechism. /ˈkadəˌkizəm/

The word “catechism” descends from the ancient Greek and Roman languages but gained a particular Christian meaning through church history to the present day. Catechism describes the ancient practice of teaching and instruction through the simple form of question and answer. Christians for generations have been distilling the essentials of the faith into this form in order to summarize the Christian faith and memorize through repetition. We have inherited some great catechisms from our ancestors in the faith, such as the Heidelberg Catechism and the Westminster shorter and larger Catechism.

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9 Dont’s for Bible Study

By Billy Doolittle

Whether you were asked to lead a Bible study or you were assigned to perform it, you are now preparing to teach a multitude of people and you have an idea of where to start.  These are some helpful dont’s to aid you in study.

-Don’t underestimate your time.

wordswag_1483109841980Time is of the essence and the clock is always ticking.  During my time at Southwestern, a professor informed the class that one hour of study equals one minute of teaching. This is true time and time again. To maximize my study, I free think through the text, reading it several times. If you read it thoroughly, you will be able to recall what you have read when reading through other texts. Sometimes the greatest artillery is recalling what you already know from similar passages.  When John Piper prepares his sermons, he reads the texts and writes down related passages which he recalls. Reading and re-reading the text is the best starting point. Continue reading “9 Dont’s for Bible Study”

Building Faith & Counting Costs: The Cost of Discipleship in a Society that Takes Faith for Granted


By David Brown 

buildingfaithpicFor which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it? (Luke 14:28)

In his excellent commentary on Luke’s Gospel New Testament scholar David E. Garland wrote: “ Many who come to Christ have no idea in advance what this decision will eventually cost them.”[i] The church, he continued, often makes the problem worse by soft-selling the requirements of discipleship in an effort to keep attendance high and conflict low.[ii] As a pastor I agree with Garland completely. Pastors have sometime emphasized unity within the church body at the expense of unity with Christ.

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