10 Quotes from Deacons by Matt Smethurst

Matt Smethurst is managing editor of The Gospel Coalition. He has served as both a deacon and an elder at Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, and is now in the process of planting River City Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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10 Quotes from Deacons

A church without biblical deacons may exhibit signs of health for a while, but over time its health will suffer. (pg. 21)

When deacons flourish, the whole congregation wins. (pg. 22)

Deaconing is not training wheels for eldering. (pg. 33)

Deacons are like a congregation’s Special Ops force, carrying out unseen assignments with fortitude and joy. (pg. 39)

Public ministry is impossible without private service. Had the seven not freed the apostles to focus on teaching and prayer (Acts 6:4), the gospel would not have spread (Acts 6:7). (pg. 56)

Deacons serve at the elders’ pleasure not because elders are ultimate, but because Jesus is. (pg. 80)

No doubt locations and circumstances vary greatly, but the common denominator – the heartbeat – of diaconal work remains the same: self-giving service for the good of Christ’s church and the glory of his name. (pg. 116)

The world has always measured greatness by the standard a person receives, not by what he gives. But Jesus radically reverses our fallen logic. (pg. 122)

Deacon, your office has an expiration date, but your status as the King’s servant will never end. (pg. 127)

Faithful deacons should see their fingerprints in the unity of their congregation, for which Jesus prayed (John 17:22). (pg. 132)

15 Quotes from Discipling by Mark Dever

By Evan Knies 

You can purchase Mark Dever’s new book on Discipling here!

1. At the heart of Christianity is God’s desire for a people to display his character (pg. 12).

2. The Christian life is the discipled life and the discipling life (pg. 13).

3. A disciple of Jesus follows in Jesus’s steps, doing as Jesus taught and lived (pg. 14).

4. Christians are people who have real faith in Christ, and who show it by resting their hopes, fears, and lives entirely upon him (pg. 15).

5. Discipling involves transmitting the knowledge of God and his Word through every moment of life (pg. 28).

6. Discipling lasts all week as members meet to talk, pray, encourage, and assist one another in the fight for love and holiness (pg. 37).

7. Discipling is helping someone follow Jesus by doing deliberate spiritual good in his or her life (pg. 47).

8. The gathered local church is responsible to preach the whole counsel of God through those gifted for this purpose. Through baptism it affirms credible professions. Through the Lord’s Supper it declares the Lord’s death and makes the many into one. And through excommunication it removes any whose life unrepentantly contradicts his or her profession (pg. 53).

9. A congregation helps to foster a culture of discipling by being ready to reject the elders whenever the elders reject God’s Word. If discipling means helping others follow Jesus, congregations that tolerate bad teachers are not helping others follow Jesus. Sadly, too many pastors have rejected God’s Word, and too many churches have not recognized their responsibility in this matter (pg. 63).

10. Our doctrine and life attain their shape within the doctrine and life of the community (pg. 67).

11. The local church – this Father designed, Jesus-authorized, and Spirit-gifted body- is far better equipped to undertake the work of discipling believers than simply you and your one friend. Jesus does not promise that you and your one friend will defeat the gates of hell. He promises that the church will do this (pg. 68-69).

12. Discipling is a relationship in which we seek to do spiritual good for someone by initiating, teaching, correcting, modeling, loving, humbling ourselves, counseling, and influencing (pg. 74).

13. Trials are key times in discipling relationships, whether the trial is in the life of the one discipling or the one being discipled (pg. 88).

14. Christian discipleship and discipling involves loving God with our minds (pg. 89).

15. Every would-be leader should learn to recognize fear of man in himself (pg. 104).

Evan Knies is married to Lauren and a student at SBTS.