Pentecost-Today? by Iain Murray: A Reflection and Quotes


By Evan Knies

Pentecost – Today? was first published in 1998 and is written by Iain Murray. In 1957, Iain cofounded Banner of Truth Trust. Pentecost – Today? is quite possibly one of the most helpful Banner books that I have read. Below are some quotes that I found helpful along with a video from Paul Washer recommending this book.

Pentecost Today available at Banner of Truth



pg. 18 – It is clear from the book of Acts that all Christians did not remain permanently ‘filled with the Holy Spirit’ in the sense of Acts 2:4. Had that been so it would not have been possible to say of the same persons again in Acts 4:31, ‘and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit’. Here was an element of Pentecost which was clearly repeatable; there was a further giving of what they already possessed. Again, if being ‘filled with the Spirit’ was uniform in every Christian, what would be the point of the apostles instructing the disciples in Acts 6 to look for a characteristic which all possessed, ‘Seek out….seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit’? It must be true, as the Larger Catechism of the Westminster Assembly states (Question 182), that, while the Holy Spirit is given to all Christians, his working is ‘not in all persons, nor at all times, in the same measure’.

pg. 25 – The New Testament never leaves the Christian in the position of believing that all necessary grace and help is not now available.

pg. 26 – If we think only that the Holy Spirit is continuously resident in the church, as if necessarily present and inherent in the means of grace, we can easily begin to forget how urgently we stand in need of the supernatural.

pg. 52 – Where there is no alienation from sin there is no re-birth.

pg. 59 – Faith is the grace which honours God by its dependence upon Him; and because faith receives all, and attributes nothing to itself, God identifies faith with all that He is himself able to do.

pg. 65 – Prayer is communion with God and in addressing Him we are to begin with the name which assures us of His love.

pg. 74 – Dependence upon God is our greatest need; it focuses our attention upon what He can do; and it makes His glory a supreme reason for all our concerns: ‘Do not disgrace the throne of Your glory’ (Jer. 14:21); ‘Hallowed be Your name’ (Matt. 6:9).

pg. 129 – For the Christian in this world the goal is always beyond him.

pg. 171 – If Scripture loses its true place in the church nothing remains certain.

pg. 190 – Too many modern changes in public worship look like attempts to provide substitutes for the work of the Holy Spirit; and the emptiness of these substitutes is often apparent. If a sense of the greatness and majesty of God is not present in a congregation then nothing else can produce awe and wonder.

Pentecost Today available at Banner of Truth

Evan Knies is from West Monroe, LA. He is married to Lauren and father to Maesyn. He is a graduate of Boyce College and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. You can follow him on Twitter @Evan_Knies

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Song: Jesus Your Mercy

15 Quotes from The Things of Earth by Joe Rigney

By Evan Knies

Joe Rigney is assistant professor of theology at Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

You can purchase The Things of Earth here.

  1. Earthly blessings are the necessary sign of God’s favor toward us, so we seek them above all and seek him for their sake (pg. 23).
  2. The things of earth are both false and fair (pg. 23).
  3. Glorification includes not merely the display of God’s attributes but also the knowledge of those attributes and love for and delight in those attributes (pg. 41).
  4. Relationship is at the heart of reality (pg. 45).
  5. God created the world to get a bride for his Son (pg. 45).
  6. God’s preservation of the world is nothing but a continued act of creation (pg. 49).
  7. Man is an under-king, a steward of God’s creation, charged with establishing God’s rule and reign over the unsubdued earth (pg. 84).
  8. False guilt kills true joy and ruins us for fruitful ministry (pg. 90).
  9. Idolatry begins with a false separation of gift and giver (pg. 103).
  10. The Bible brings us to God, and when we arrive, we praise him, using instruments and human words as means of expressing our hearts (pg. 122).
  11. Culture, is a kind of cultivation, a drawing out what God has put in. Culture is an adornment of creation, the further the beautification of an already beautiful world (pg. 139).
  12. When seeking to be the kind of character that God wants you to be in the story, remember that your main goal is to image God in Christ to those around you. Your aim is to be a walking gospel proclamation (pg. 173).
  13. Biblical self-denial is always the giving up of a lesser, legitimate joy for the sake of a greater one. It’s renouncing something good for the sake of something better (pg. 179).
  14. Our service to the Lord must be filled with joy and gladness because of the abundance of all things (pg. 189).
  15. Love for God’s gifts expands our mental capacity for understanding who God is. It expands our heart’s capacity for delighting and rejoicing in who God is. (pg. 221).

Evan Knies is married to Lauren and a student of SBTS.