Book Briefs: Transforming Homosexuality by Denny Burk and Heath Lambert

By Evan Knies

Denny Burk is professor of Biblical Studies at Boyce College and has served as the editor of the Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Heath Lambert is the executive director of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and professor of biblical counseling at SBTS and Boyce College.

Transforming Homosexuality is a work that helps a pastor, someone who struggles with homosexuality or just your “average, everyday person” understand the importance of the gospel. After the beginning of this book showing us our need for its work in the preface. This book is broken up into two parts: Ethics of Desire and the Path of Transformation. In the Ethics of Desire, the authors discuss trues and misconceptions in What is Same-Sex Attraction?, Is Same-Sex Attraction Sinful? and In the Path of Transformation. The authors discuss the myths about change, a Biblical path to change, and How Evangelicals can change.

How can is this book helpful for you? 

1.  This work is a short work that provides clarity to a difficult topic that is pressing in our day.

2. This work shows compassion and provides readers to think about what it said whether they agree with it or not.

3. The authors provide practical advice for readers to engage with people who are struggling with Homosexuality.

4. This work is clear that All Men and Women are Sinners and Need a Redeemer. That Redeemer is Jesus Christ!

Friends, you only get one life and it will soon pass. Only what is done for King Jesus will last!


Evan Knies is an undergrad student at Boyce College. You can follow him on Twitter @Evan_Knies.

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